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El Kiosko Frutas y Helados is an ice-cream, fruit salad, natural juice, milk-shake and Mexican style snacks (non Tex-Mex) franchise, well-known as “El Kiosko”. We are the pioneers of introducing our delightful TROLES (water base snow texture ice-cream 100% fruit) in the Texas market. Our franchise menu has more than 50 products including our famous mangonada among other popular house specialties. In fact, the “El Kiosko” menu has a very special story behind each one of its products names.


In 2006 Gaby O. Jimenez established the first store of “El Kiosko” in the north of Houston, TX; her intention was to offer her customers not only artisanal authentic Mexican products prepared at the moment, but also a comfortable, clean and family oriented environment with an exceptional service. The concept was so successful that a few years later “El Kiosko” decided to start franchising.

Gaby was born in Mexico and grew up in the family business of production and distribution of ice-cream in the city of Monterrey, N.L. where she learned from her parents that constancy, hard-work, customer service and consistency are the key of success. Having this rooted formation on her, Gaby decided to expand the family tradition in Houston, TX adding her personal vision to the business model that she learned at a very young age. Thus, she faced the challenge of introducing the Troles, Mexican ice-cream and artisanal popsicles into the Texas market, therefore Gaby created a particular concept in the menu influenced by her parents’ heritage from Jalisco, Mexico.


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To introduce Mexican artisanal products to clients who have the desire of experiencing natural flavors through a friendly and excellent service in a family environment.


To achieve continuous growth in a controlled and structured way to provide a service of excellence in every aspect, as well as total commitment to our customers and franchisees.


Values our business honors:
Teamwork, Relevance, Honesty, Commitment, Dynamism and Excellence