About us:


This franchise is a Mexican-style ice cream shop and juice bar, under the mark “El Kiosko Frutas Y Helados”


“El Kiosko Frutas Y Helados” is the pioneer of selling the famous “Troles” (shaved ice fruit).  El Kiosko Products, which is one of El Kiosko Frutas y Helados, Inc. affiliates is the first leader producing its own artisanal products such as the  “Troles” (shaved ice fruit) and Ice-cream, among other products, serving high quality fresh products to our Texans every day. In our Menu we offer more than 50 varieties of products including Troles, ice-creams, juices, fruit salads, milkshakes, smoothies, snacks, and “aguas frescas” (flavored water).





In 2011, Gaby O. Jimenez opened the first El Kiosko Frutas y Helados shop in the north of Houston, Texas. Just four years later, a franchise legacy was born.


Gaby  grew up in Mexico around her family business that made her realize she wanted to carry out her customs and traditions here in Houston. La Altena was her parents' version of El Kiosko in Monterrey, Mexico, selling everything from traditional Mexican corn, ice-cream, troles, ice-pops, tortas , tostada, etc .



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10719 Woodedge Dr.

Houston Tx 77070